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Target Shooting Journal: A training and competition performance logbook for pistol and rifle sport shooters

“This is the most comprehensive journal I’ve ever seen” Dina Aspandiyarova, 2 times Olympian and pistol coach.

Keeping a journal of your training sessions and competitions has been proven to help with the learning needed to master the bullseye.

The focus of this target shooting journal is to:

  • Help you improve your performance as a shooter and to boost your self-image.
  • It will help you stay positive and focused on improvement, on the future, on building your mastery by targeting the processes.

Using it you will concentrate on what to improve, how to do it, what you are learning, and what you are doing right.

Focusing on the positive will help you imprint in your brain the behavior that you want to repeat and make it stick (both for physical and for mental preparation).

At the core there’s a simple philosophy: there are problems to fix, and you do what you can to solve them and improve. Nothing is bad. You are great.

If you practice target shooting in any of its pistol and rifle disciplines (Olympic, ISSF, NRA, Nordic…) it will help you analyze and progress.

This performance logbook:

  • Covers 72 days of training and competing.
  • It includes weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews. (If you need more days you can always print them from the PDF).
  • Whatever format you need to print, you can always adjust your printer to match it closely. The original format is 6×9 inches: small enough to carry it around and big enough to write what you need.

Looking forward to seeing you at the range and to sharing shooting tips!

Ramon Suarez
Competitive Target Pistol Shooter



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