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Meeting at the local home range, the minutes spent preparing to step to the line were never quiet! Incredible, but we could always find a shooting-related topic to chat about. We realized that everything can be discussed, from the soles of your shooting boots to why lighting is so bad at shooting position 21.

Years of practice went by, years of talking to professional coaches and shooters, years of reading books about sport shooting, and years of writing our own performance log finally led us to the creation of Shooting Notes. After three seasons of refining, improving, and perfecting it, we decided to show it to other shooters. In Slovenia, we sold out the first edition of Strelski zvezek in only one season and our international shooting friends persuaded us to translate it into other languages. Shortly after, the English version came out, followed by the German Schießheft and the Spanish Cuaderno de Tiro. A season later, the French Cahier de Tir was launched. We are already preparing the second editions and are very eager to share them with you.

Along with planning, analysing, and trying to shoot a ten as many times as possible, sport shooting requires mental and physical readiness as well as the right tactics to combine everything. We decided to share our overall approach to shooting through Practical Pointers. The right balance between all these areas is a real art, and when, on the most important competition, everything comes together and all of the steps align, it’s nothing short to a masterpiece. We call it the Aiming Art.

In October 2020, Aiming Art held its first Shooting Academy. In two weekends, 31 young shooters took part in our program aiming to introduce them to a wholesome approach to shooting. As we are well aware of how important it is to be provided with an encouraging and stimulating environment, we hope to do many more Academies for shooters on various levels in the future.

Shooting Notes, Practical Pointers, and the Shooting Academy are just the beginning. We promise to continue developing, adding discoveries, sharing new insights, and in this way contributing to the shooting sport in the hope to help shooters reach their higher potential. Aim high with us and create your own art.

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Živa Dvoršak with the Rifle

Živa Dvoršak

Standing behind the fact that an overall approach is important to achieve success, she made her contribution to the Shooting Notes by adding chapters and remarks that help shooters to prepare and plan better.

Živa is a member of the Slovenian shooting team and two-time Olympian (London 2012, Rio 2016).
Since 2017 she has held workshops with support from the Slovenian Shooting Union and Slovenian shooting clubs guiding younger shooters across Slovenia to develop a more overall approach to shooting.

Sonja Benčina co-founder of Aiming Art and Shooting Notes

Sonja Benčina

Starting out with her own shooting notes set up, discovering that having a pre-ready form to fill out with each shooting session gives you better organization and more motivation to think and write about your shooting.

Sonja is a member of the Slovenian shooting team and holder of the ISSF international coaching license class C.
Since 2018 she has helped with coaching and leading the Slovenian Paralympic shooting team.


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