Below are some resources for the more technical products that we sell including documentation from the manufacturer as well as tips that we have picked up along the way.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please do contact us with your question.

Sport Quantum SQ10

For the Sport Quantum SQ10, you’ll find Sport Quantum’s support site at

In these cases, our recommendation is to use the charging cable that came with the tablet. We have found that other USB-C charging cables often do not work, while the charging cable that ships with the tablet works perfectly well.
In our experience, this is due to dust building up between the impact plate and the screen. Please follow the maintenance procedure in the manual for removing and cleaning the impact plate.

CM200ei Bluetooth Board

For the CM200ei bluetooth board, you can find the user manual at

After some communication with Morini, the recommendation here is to either place the pistol grip base on a stable table or place the pistol under the table, with the front and rear sights touching the bottom of the table, then to hold the pistol firm while resetting.