Strong Open Glove (SAUER)

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Product information: “Strong Open Glove (SAUER)”

IMPORTANT! Gloves are sold by the handedness of the shooter. So a right-handed shooter, requiring a glove for their left supporting hand, should select a Right-Handed glove. A left-handed shooter, requiring a glove for their right supporting hand, should select a Left-Handed glove.

The shooting glove “Strong Open Glove” from Sauer is the classic version of a well-padded shooting glove for the sports shooter. The external elastic band over the entire length of the cuff, which therefore gives a perfect snug fit at the wrist, offers the ideal grip.

The entire back of the glove and the palm are reinforced with non-slip rubber to give greater stability and cushioning to the support hand. The cut and workmanship are designed to make the gloves pre-contoured to the shooting position of the hand. They are extremely well padded. The entire hand area and the top side of the fingers are fitted with high-quality non-slip rubber, the inside of the fingers are made of high-quality Top Grip with climate-regulating ventilation openings.

In addition to the excellent cushioning properties and high-quality workmanship described above, the popular and universally esteemed finger-free “Strong Open (SAUER)” glove also offers the option of problem-free loading of the rifle. The top side of the fingers is fitted with high-quality Top Grip to give the rifle permanent slip resistance in the firing position. The palm features climate-regulating ventilation openings.

    • Outer Glove material: 50% cowhide, 50% imitation leather (12% viscose, 18% polyamide, 70% polyurethane)
    • Lining: 34% wool, 33% polyamide, 33% rayon, elastic band
    • Color: Blue, black, red, carnation
Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 5 × 2 in

L, M, S, XL, XS


Black, Blue, Carnation, Red

Trigger Hand

Left, Right


Sauer Shooting Sportswear

Herbert Sauer - Pioneer in the Development of Shooting Sportswear

Herbert Sauer is a pioneer in the development of shooting sportswear and equipment. He was formerly a successful marksman himself and started developing and optimizing functional shooting sportswear while he was still an active competitor.  Over the years, he has been responsible for numerous patents and registered designs. Many of these have now become essential items of shooting sportswear and equipment and are imitated all over the world.

High Quality for Sporting Success

Sauer Shooting Sportswear offers uncompromising quality. All top-of-the-range products, whether shooting jackets, trousers, or shoes and boots, are made entirely in Germany using only the best materials. Building the foundation are premium leather, canvas, and rubber. Where it makes sense to do so, products are supplemented with modern synthetic components. Our focus is always on quality and, above all, on enhancing our customers' sporting experience. The highlights of the Sauer range of shooting sportswear are individually customized outfits. This means that the customer determines the appearance of his or her items of clothing by choosing the colors and, in some cases, also the materials from the corresponding charts and swatches.

Uncompromising Service and Dedication to Customers

Sauer products set international standards and are found at shooting ranges all over the world. The Sauer company is a family business, in which now three generations work together, and consider themselves more than ever as partners to the sports shooters. At all important national and international sports shooting events, members of the Sauer team are represented with a service booth and support "their" shooters on site.


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