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“Olympic Lady / Olympic Junior” shooting glasses


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The new models ”Olympic Lady” and “Olympic Junior” are is specially designed for smaller faces and therefore perfectly for Ladies and Junior shooters. Technically it’s a high tech model with all the feature of the ”Olympic Champion”. The lateral lens position and bridge height are micro-adjustable on the face without any tool. These sophisticated frames are very light in weight. The spring loaded sides can be adjusted for length.

A bespoke prescription lens and the precise adjustability of this model will allow you to see significant improvements on your scorecard. Easy to use, these one-handed fingertip adjustments can be made whilst standing or prone – facilitating the perfect shot just when you need it.

Key Facts

  • A bespoke lens tailored to your prescription will help you regain foresight clarity, improving target accuracy and consistency on your scorecard.
  • On the face adjustment of lateral lens position and nose bridge height whilst standing or prone.
  • Three-way off-face lens adjustments with an Allen key.
  • Super-lightweight titanium frame.
  • Spring-loaded, adjustable length sides.

The lateral lens position and nose bridge height are both micro-adjustable whilst on the face.

These real-time fingertip adjustments can be made quickly between shots without changing your shooting position. Discover with ease which positioning delivers the best improvements to your target accuracy.

  • Off the face an Allen key is used to alter the height, tilt, and rotation of the lens, further personalizing the glasses to the exact specifications of the shooter’s face and eye line.
  • The spring-loaded titanium and silicone sides are adjustable in length with a simple twisting motion to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for all head sizes.
  • Adapt to changing light conditions and avoid glare by flicking between an ISSF compliant grey or translucent blinder.


These technical Swiss made glasses allow the lens to be placed in the optimal position for shooting, parallel to the rear sight and perpendicular to the line of vision. Getting these adjustments just right ensures that the lens is perfectly aligned so you can keep your focus without the distraction of blurred sights.

  • Super-lightweight titanium frame so you hardly notice you are wearing them.
  • Silicone nosepiece for optimal fit and comfort.
  • Spring-loaded adjustable-length titanium sides.
  • Silicone curl ends to the frame sides for extra comfort behind the ears. These can be rotated to enhance the secure fit of the glasses.
  • All Champion shooting glasses come with a sturdy hard case with space for extra lenses and accessories.
  • Allen key included.

Shooting glasses come in case, without lens holder and shield




Champion Brillen AG was founded by Rudolf Baumann in 1979. Upon the launch of its first model, Champion Brillen revolutionized the shooting glass maket to become a market leader. The philosophy was simple yet ingenious: Rudolf Baumann talked to shooting club members and elite shooters to find out the demands of the perfect glasses. He eliminated the shortcomings of existing shooting glasses and concentrated on building the glasses that embody the perfect mix of meeting and exceeding demands at the highest quality standards . Consistent focus on product development in collaboration with elite shooters established Champion Brillen AG as the leading shooting glasses manufacturer. Champion shooting glasses are Swiss-made and therefore meet the highest Swiss quality standards. Champion’s current CEO Manfred Rüefli not only runs the company but has been in charge of product development for several years. Development and manufacturing of all Champion products are located in Switzerland. Champion’s high tech products are the work of a team of highly qualified employees, which have been praised by the press as “precision engineering at its best”. They are made at the home of the Swiss watch. Champion glasses carry over the Swiss tradition of precision and rightfully have been called “Champion-shooting glasses built like a Swiss watch “.
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