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Product information: “Grip putty Epoxy – solid, 30ml, brown”

Quick setting, two-part silicone based molding compound from Rink for permanent modification of anatomical grips. After hardening it has the strength like hard wood and sticks very well to the grip surface.

  • Slice off required amount and kneading it to a uniform color.
  • To prevent sticking, moisten the skin with water.
  • Work quickly, pot life is approximately 5 minutes. Keep out of reach of children. May irritate skin and eyes.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use. Fully hardened material may be disposed of as domestic waste. Unmixed portions should be disposed of a hazardous waste.




The company: We have been producing anatomical grips for sport pistols since 1995. In the early stages we only produced custom grips for local customers. Very soon we were able to convince customers living outside of Germany of our wide range of standard grips and our innovative adjustable palm rest. In the meantime dealers from nearly all continents are distributing our grips. Marksmen from countries around the globe come to us to have their perfect grip fitted. Our move into the new workshop in Katzenfurt (district of Ehringshausen) in 2016 enabled us to expand our production to the increasing demand and to offer our customers more suitable premises for the fitting of custom made grips. Once a year, on the occasion of the German Championships, we also “pitch our tents” in Munich. There we present our product range in our service-trailer and we can make grip modifications.


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