3D-printed Pistol Grip

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Product information: “3D-printed Pistol Grip”


3D-printed Pistol Grip from 3DShootingBox for the most common ISSF air pistols can be done in any of available colors. Get your stock grip from a company founded by Rio 2016 Olympics medalist whose custom-made grips were part of winning GOLD medal in pistol and SILVER medal in rifle at Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

Pistol Grip is probably the hardest part to 3D print. Just think about it – the grip is the ONLY point of contact with the weapon! No surprise that pistol shooters are very particular about their grip as it plays such an important role in perfect shot execution process. We strive to achieve an ideal anatomically correct shape to provide the complete merger of the athlete and the weapon. Getting to perfection requires extensive customization of the grip and working closely with the client. You can however get a head start and perform customizations yourself by selecting one of the available stock grips that suits you best. While you at it – do not be shy and customize the grip color to suit your tastes!



  • (3DSB_col1) – BLACK
  • (3DSB_col2) – DARK GREY
  • (3DSB_col3) – SILVER METALIC
  • (3DSB_col4) – LIGHT GREY
  • (3DSB_col6) – WHITE
  • (3DSB_col7) – BLUE
  • (3DSB_col8) – RED
  • (3DSB_col9) – GOLD METALIC
  • (3DSB_col10) – SKY BLUE
  • (3DSB_col11) – CORAL
  • (3DSB_col12) – DEEP OCEAN BLUE
  • (3DSB_col13) – DARK VIOLET
  • (3DSB_col14) – LILAC
  • (3DSB_col15) – EMERALD

Additions customization service:

For a small additional fee you can get you stock grip ported from one make of a gun to another! (subject of grip compatibility)

Example1: I want a medium Morini Grip from CM200EI in coral color for Walther LP500 pistol


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