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Foldable lighted target holder for MX-W2, MX-02, Basic

The LBF foldable target holder holds and illuminates paper targets for convenient training with SCATT systems. It is designed to provide a bright and flicker-free illumination on paper targets, which is particularly relevant for the Basic, MX-02, and MX-W2 models

  • Supports sheet sizes 100 х 100 mm and 170 х 170 mm.
  • The holder has a foldable frame for convenient storage and transportation. The LBF target holder can be mounted on a wall or any standard photo tripod.
  • Powered by a 5V power adapter. Alternatively, the holder could be powered with a portable power bank (not included in the kit).


How to practice at a reduced distance:

To practice at a distance lower than the original, the shooter must set a scaled paper target for the
print the actual distance. In this case, the angular size of the scaled target should be the size of the
target at the actual distance, i.e. the visually scaled target should be so
what it would look like at the original distance.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is target_scale.png

1. Original destination at the original distance
2 – 4th Scaled target in reduced distance

A scaled paper target can be printed directly from the SCATT software, with the distance to the target the distance
from the lens of the optical sensor to the place where the paper target is to be placed.
For a more convenient perception of the target from a short distance, we recommend that you set a paper target without the
valuation rings.

During the training at a short distance to the target, the parallax problem between the visor line of the weapon and the
axis of the optical sensor often to an actual problem. To compensate for the parallax, you can
a special Bracket with the possibility of changing the orientation angle. The most important point,
to which you should pay attention is that during the target to the target, the target point of the optical sensor in the middle
of the sensor calibration window of the SCATT software optical sensor.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sensor_align.png

  1. Gun race
  2. SCATT optical sensor
  3. Visor axis of the weapon
  4. Axis of the optical SCATT sensor
  5. Goal
  6. Mounting prism with parallax compensation option

The SCATT software calculates the angular fluctuations of the target point depending on the simulated distance
automatically new.


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 2 in



ABOUT SCATT The history of SCATT Shooting Systems began in 1991 in Russia. The SCATT trainer was initially developed to train the Russian Olympic Shooting Team. SCATT is well regarded as the best electronic shooting trainer in the world and therefore is a trainer of choice for most Olympic shooting teams, law enforcement agencies, and civilian maksmen. Until recently the use of SCATT trainers was mostly limited to select groups of elite world class professional shooters. Now, however, the world's best electronic shooting trainers are easily available for any shooting enthusiast. Most popular models include SCATT WS1 Wireless, SCATT USB and the new SCATT MX-02. How SCATT Trainers can be essential for your shooting performance The SCATT system is a high-tech electronic shooting trainer that can help any shooter, at any level to make his/her shooting training more effective and move quicker towards the perfect score. The greatest benefit of the SCATT trainer is that it allows the shooter and/or his coach to visualize and understand what is occurring during the entire aiming and shooting process. Not only does SCATT show where the shot went, most importantly it shows why it went there. It gives the coach and the trainee the power to detect every movement prior to the shot and following after the shot, it follows and records the trace of the aiming point in real time. A wide variety of metrics which SCATT provides ranges from a visual representation of the aiming trajectory to graphs and mathematical models of shooting patterns. It helps the shooter discover even the finest errors in aiming, hold control, attention, trigger release, etc. The use of SCATT for training is virtually essential for top level performance at any level of training from amateurs to world class professionals. For beginners dry fire training with SCATT considerably shortens the learning process, because the shooter doesn’t “practice through” his mistakes, but eliminates them immediately without getting used to them and thus without turning them into a habit. While for professionals SCATT is an essential tool for the identification of the smallest errors that escape discovery otherwise, but still have a detrimental effect on the final results. With SCATT the shooter is able to discover the shortest and most effective path to the elimination of errors and the perfection of results. All training results can be recorded in the SCATT Professional program for further analysis and compared with own results or training result of world's best shooters. A few hours of SCATT training and a thoughtful and careful analysis of your shots can yield greater results than weeks of traditional training at the shooting range.


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