TEC-HRO sidewinder for Scatt


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Product information: “TEC-HRO sidewinder”

TEC-HRO sidewinder is a Scatt mount, which can be mounted on the dovetail rail for the diopter (e.g. in front of the loading recess).

Due to the “sidewinder”, the center of gravity of the weapon remains almost the same when using Scatt and you do not influence barrel vibrations as is the case when attaching the sensor to the barrel with the steel strap supplied by Scatt.

The use in performance centers has confirmed the product as “very good”!

(Supplied without Scatt sensor)

Attention: does NOT fit Walther Alu LG400/LG500


TEC-HRO Shooting Equipment

The company TEC-HRO shooting equipment GmbH & Co. KG TEC-HRO (pronounced "TEKRO") is an innovative company that has set itself the goal of further advancing the sporting achievements in sports shooting, even of top shooters, through technical innovations and further developments! Owner Armin Rothmund was himself active for many years in national and international shooting sports (13 years national team and 1st Bundesliga). Therefore, in addition to great experience, a lot of enthusiasm and attention to detail flow into the development of the products. Since the company was founded in 2004, TEC-HRO has developed into a world-renowned brand in shooting sports. In the meantime, top places are achieved in almost every international competition with TEC HRO products. Be curious to see which new developments you will find with us in the future!


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