Qiang Yuan Training Pellets

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Qiang Yuan Sports (“QYS”) Training Grade Medal-winning pellets.

Designed for training use these pellets are still some of the most accurate on the market. Shooting this pellet for training won’t hurt when it comes to your pocket book. However, shooting the same brand of pellets when you train and compete has its advantages. If you plan on shooting the Qiang Yuan Olympic or Match grade pellets in matches you should consider Qiang Yuan Training pellets for practice.

  • .177 caliber
  • 8.17 grains
  • Wadcutter
  • 500 pellets

Please note these pellets come in clear plastic tubs not tins.




QYS (short for Qiang Yuan Sports) was established in 1994. The company has been specializing in elite air gun pellets, with production lines spanning flat, domed, pointed and streamlined nose products. QYS is proud of its 100% independent intellectual property rights in technology, design and manufacturing processes owned by its founder, Fr. FU. The unique shooting experience from the unparalleled precision makes top medalists worldwide QYS fans. It took QYS four years to gain 95% of Chinese market, before it expanded to Germany, Switzerland, England, Norway, Denmark, America, Canada, Russia, India, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, and 20 other countries/regions. We highly look forward to welcoming you to join the QYS community of best shooters.
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