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Product information: “MEC Compound”

MEC Compound is a contour compound that has been specially developed for individual grip shaping. Hardens slowly and can be softened again by warming up. After curing, can work with wood tools.

Available in different colors, which can be combined and mixed with each other as desired.

Advantages of MEC Compound:

  • Very easy handling
  • Contouring possible without tools
  • Also unhardened very dimensionally stable
  • Contour can be formed several days later
  • Fit can be tested and optimized during shooting
  • Self-determinable hardening time
  • In hardened condition can be reworked with simple tools
  • Sweat is largely absorbed
  • Contains no styrene or other solvents hazardous to health
  • Available in many colors, which can also be mixed with each other




In the center of MEC stands Maik Eckhardt who integrated athletic engagement and business development. His athletic success includes the participation in the Games in Atlanta, Bejing, Sydney, Athens and London, where he attended three finals.
MECs publishing department, managed by Heinz Reinkemeier, by now produced eight titles that are regularly edited and translated into an increasing number of languages.


Anthracite, Black, Blue, Bright-Red, Brown, Magenta, Pink, Purple, Red, Tan, Yellow


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