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Product information: “MARABIC 100 Sling”

MARABIC 100 from SIMETRA is a high-quality shooting sports sling in timelessly attractive design for ambitious club sports.

  • Distortion-free through multi-layered special synthetic material.
  • Arm sling in special anti-slip design for secure contact with the upper arm.
  • Double-row holes at short intervals.
  • Stable double pin buckle for easy length adjustment.
  • Made in Germany

Color: black
Version: right-handed shooter // left-handed shooter
Sizes: universal



DETAILED PRECISION High-quality workmanship, honest expert advice and intelligent product design with attention to detail – that is SIMETRA®. Where, as in sports, the highest demands are placed on functional clothing and accessories, you will find that SIMETRA® products have been developed with passion. Our products are durable, well thought out and handcrafted. This ensures the best fit and functionality for the sporting success. We are supported by our decades of experience as active athletes, and by the collected opinions of athletes who we have held many constructive discussions with over a long period of time. People's desires, suggestions, and good ideas – as well as the needs of those performing at various levels in their sport – are the solid basis that SIMETRA® is founded on. We combine innovative and proven materials to create products that are always greater than the sum of their parts, giving people top-class, timeless clothing with detailed precision.
Trigger Hand

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