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What to do with the pistol between shots? Until now, each pistol shooter had to find his or her own solution to this problem. And the situation was further exacerbated by the fact that surface heights vary from booth to booth, which is hardly conducive to an “automatic sequence” of movements on the part of the shooter.
Sauer developed an effective solution to this problem – a Pistol and Hand Rest (registered design applied for). As with all really good solutions, this one is simplicity itself. A suitably shaped block of hard foam with a nylon cover acts as a rest for the pistol and also a hand rest for the shooter.

The pistol shooter can use additional height adjustment modules made from the same materials to adjust the height of the rest to his or her own height or adapt the height of the rest to the surface top at the shooting booth.

Used correctly, the Sauer Pistol Rest helps the shooter relax between shots and optimize the sequence of movements demanded by the sport.

Excellent solution for home or club use


Sauer Shooting Sportswear

Herbert Sauer - Pioneer in the Development of Shooting Sportswear

Herbert Sauer is a pioneer in the development of shooting sportswear and equipment. He was formerly a successful marksman himself and started developing and optimizing functional shooting sportswear while he was still an active competitor.  Over the years, he has been responsible for numerous patents and registered designs. Many of these have now become essential items of shooting sportswear and equipment and are imitated all over the world.

High Quality for Sporting Success

Sauer Shooting Sportswear offers uncompromising quality. All top-of-the-range products, whether shooting jackets, trousers, or shoes and boots, are made entirely in Germany using only the best materials. Building the foundation are premium leather, canvas, and rubber. Where it makes sense to do so, products are supplemented with modern synthetic components. Our focus is always on quality and, above all, on enhancing our customers' sporting experience. The highlights of the Sauer range of shooting sportswear are individually customized outfits. This means that the customer determines the appearance of his or her items of clothing by choosing the colors and, in some cases, also the materials from the corresponding charts and swatches.

Uncompromising Service and Dedication to Customers

Sauer products set international standards and are found at shooting ranges all over the world. The Sauer company is a family business, in which now three generations work together, and consider themselves more than ever as partners to the sports shooters. At all important national and international sports shooting events, members of the Sauer team are represented with a service booth and support "their" shooters on site.


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