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Product information: “G+E GO Stock for KK500”


CURRENTLY IN STOCK (as of 12/04/23):

  • HAND – Right
  • GRIP – 3D (S/ M/ L)
  • OFFSET – 3.5mm
  • WIDTH – 42mm
  • CHEEKPIECE – Smallbore, medium


  • GRIP – Standard (S, M, L)
  • CHEEKPIECE – Standard CISM (Black I)
  • Equalizer


The Game Over Stock from Grünig & Elmiger builds on the success of the K1 stock, providing a remarkable range of options and adjustments. The stock features technologies and functions that represent a novelty in stock construction. Most of fine adjustments can be quickly made without any additional tools.

The main features are:

  • Three different options for the width of the fore-end. 48mm is the same width as the RS and XRS stocks.
  • The underside of the fore-end is textured, providing a more secure contact between the stock and the shooter’s glove.
  • Three different options for the offset of the rear part of the stock compared to the center of the bore. 7.0mm is the same as the RS and XRS stocks.
  • The optional new 3D grip comes in four different sizes and provides for a far greater degree of adjustment than previous models.
  • Quick adjustment levers for the butt length and cheekpiece height.
  • The Trigger Guard can be moved back and forward.
  • A much smaller, adjustable trigger guard is available as an optional extra.
  • Compatible with the Equalizer Stock Weight System.

This variation of the GO Stock comes preconfigured for use with Walther KK500.

The stock is designed for use with square bottomed actions such as the Anschütz 2013, G&E R3 Racer, G&E FT300 & Bleiker Challenger. It can however be used with the addition of the Anschütz Round Action Adaptor Plate allowing Anschütz Match 54 actions such as the 1913 to be fitted.

Following upgrades are available:

  • Cheekpiece upgrade from CISM (Black I) to Smallbore, Bigbore or Hinged
  • Grip upgrade to 3D Grip
  • The ‘Equalizer’ – an optional set of fore-end weight rods – fits inside the fore-end of the stock and can be adjusted fore/aft to optimize the balance of the rifle in each position.

GO Stock for KK500 Intro (1:55)

GO Stock features review (18:05)

Weight 9.75 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 10.75 × 6.5 in

NONE, 3D Grip, Cheek Piece SB, Cheek Piece BB, Cheek Piece H, Equalizer, 3D Grip and Cheek Piece SB, 3D Grip and Cheek Piece BB, 3D Grip and Cheek Piece H, 3D Grip and Equalizer, Equalizer and Cheek Piece SB, Equalizer and Cheek Piece BB, Equalizer and Cheek Piece H, 3D Grip and Cheek Piece SB and Equalizer, 3D Grip and Cheek Piece BB and Equalizer, 3D Grip and Cheek Piece H and Equalizer

Trigger Hand

Left, Right

Grip Size

XS, S, M, L

Stock width

42mm, 46mm, 48mm

Stock Offset

0, 3.5mm, 7mm

Butt Plate Ratchet

Short (40mm), Long (80 mm)

Cheekpiece Ratchet

Short, Medium (+20mm), Long (+40mm)


Grünig and Elmiger


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