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This new version of electronic from Repich Sport & Shooting SA gives you an accurate idea of a pistol movements during the pressing of the trigger shoe just a moment before the pellet is released and much more! Now available exclusively on the Morini CM 200EI airpistol!

Improve your shooting by training at home and connecting your pistol to the new Android & iOS application (Download for Android / iOS)

This new generation of the electronic board pairs your pistol directly with your smartphone via Bluetooth connection and allows you to monitor shooting session data from multiple sensors and to adjusting some of the gun settings and timings directly from the app.

You can see your horizontal movement on the Axle, the average of the movements of the pistol just before the shot, the exact movement in real time, the exact number of the shots, the story of your improvements, and much more!

Board Upgrade kit includes:

  • New electronic board
  • Battery adapter
  • Replacement cable from trigger to new electronic board
  • Threaded sleeve
  • Screw







Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


Repich Sport & Shooting SA

The severe 2020 pandemic has profoundly changed our lives and has placed awareness of the peculiarities of our sport even more in the foreground. The shutdown of all sports activities and the breaking off of all social relationships have led to a serious rethink. Thanks the digitalization era, the distance could be digitally reduced, especially in the area of social relationships. Digital technology has enormous potential and can be used in a variety of ways. This versatility has moved us to combine mechanic and electronics with this new digital technology. The family company, Morini Competition Arm SA, which has been running by the Repich's for over 30 years and which has been using electronics for its triggers in its sporting weapon models for years, has used the pandemic as an opportunity to introduce a new way of thinking in which digitalization is increasing in everyday life, as well in the sports area. As a result of that, Repich Sport & Shooting SA was founded. With this new generation electronic linked with cell phones, basic training and adjusting some functions in the gun become even easier and can be seen as a challenge for a new shooting dimension!


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