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Product information: “Bolt Protector”


Bolt Protector from 3D Shooting Box is an essential accessory to secure your rifle bolt from being damaged when outside the rifle.

Why every rifle shooter needs to own a bolt protector?

  • it will protect the bolt from being damaged during transport
  • bolt needs to be stored in disengaged/rest state which will significantly reduce risk of misfire
  • you can pick your color and make a unique inscription

To summarize:

  • Skateboarder wears helmet – but your bolt is in a protector!
  • Driver buckles-up – but your bolt is in a protector!
  • Air traveler has a flotation device is under the sit – but your bolt is in a protector!

Protect your bolt from being damaged and your coach and yourself from being stressed about it!



  • (3DSB_col1) – BLACK
  • (3DSB_col2) – DARK GREY
  • (3DSB_col3) – SILVER METALIC
  • (3DSB_col4) – LIGHT GREY
  • (3DSB_col6) – WHITE
  • (3DSB_col7) – BLUE
  • (3DSB_col8) – RED
  • (3DSB_col9) – GOLD METALIC
  • (3DSB_col10) – SKY BLUE
  • (3DSB_col11) – CORAL
  • (3DSB_col12) – DEEP OCEAN BLUE
  • (3DSB_col13) – DARK VIOLET
  • (3DSB_col14) – LILAC
  • (3DSB_col15) – EMERALD


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