The history of the company goes back to 1991, where the former owner of the company, Josef Schulz, started the production of the sporting ammunition for air weapons under the name of JSB MATCH DIABOLO BOHUMIN. Josef Schulz is a former active gun marksmen and coach. After he finished with the active shooting and coaching he started engaging in the research and development in the field of air guns ammunition production. Based on his personal experience, later he had stamping machines made, on which he started to produce the ammunition. In 2008 JSB Match Diabolo a.s., which bought Josef Schulz’s company, linked up with the previous Schulz’s activity and soon after changed into an incorporated company.

The most important characteristics of the produced ammunition is its quality, which is guaranteed by the unique technology used in its production, and is also a key aspect of its precision. The JSB Match Diabolo a.s. products currently present the world’s best quality ammunition. This fact has been proven by the top shooters, experts in this field, air shooting enthusiasts and weapons’ manufacturers. In order to further improve the ammunition quality and properties JSB Match Diabolo invest into the innovation of the machines’ technology each year.

Ever since the JSB Match Diabolo a.s. establishment the company continually increases the volume of production, so that they can react to a high demand of their products. They also pay considerable attention to the improvement of their services. The company’s products are distributed into approximately 32 countries. The company exports to the USA, Russian, Japanese and European markets, among which are important customers from England and Germany. The demand for ammunition is, of course, in the Czech market as well. The present export of the company is around 90 per cent. JSB Match diabolo a.s. currently employs about 100 employees.


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