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Product information: “Pardini SP RF”

Semiautomatic pistol designed for 25 m sport, standard Pistol event.

Built in caliber .22LR, with fleeting mass blowback operating system and prismatic 5 shot capacity magazine. The bolt is made from special steel with an integrated shock absorber. The pistol has a fully adjustable, two-stage trigger and dry-fire capability. Fully adjustable rear sight with variable width of the notch. Wide choice of interchangeable front sights. Anatomical walnut grip, available in various adjustable sizes. Custom grips or a copy of an already personalized anatomical grip can be made upon special request in our factory. Suitable for all marksmen, thanks to its adjustability, low-positioned center line of bore and multi-function counterweight system with 6 weights. Designed to reflect the changes in the Rapid-Fire event after the 2004 Olympics, the SP RF aims to maintain the winning characteristics of the GPE model. Build on the base of the SP the Rapid-Fire version has elaborate changes to the bolt and the barrel. The SP RF comes with 6 Tungsten weights, as opposed to the traditional steel weights.

  • Caliber: .22 LR
  • Height: 140 mm
  • Width: 49 mm
  • Overall length: 295 mm
  • Total weight: 1.150 g
  • Action: semiautomatic
  • Barrel length: 120 mm
  • Barrel rifling: 6D x 406 mm
  • Sight radius: 220 mm
  • Adjustment click: 5 mm
  • Grip sizes:
    – RH: XS-S-M-L
    – LH: S-M-L



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Pardini Armi

Driven by his passion for shooting and mechanics, Giampiero Pardini went from being a competition shooter to a sports weapons manufacturer in just a few years. From 1976, he has been presenting and updating a complete range of target pistols and air rifles. With these weapons, he obtained huge international success in continental and world championships and even at the Olympic Games. Pardini Armi is always by the side of shooters. As a small-sized company, it provides innovative and competitive products, thanks to its specialised and flexible production and efficient after-sales service. Today, Pardini Armi exports its state-of-the-art products to over 100 countries.

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