MESHPRO Grip for Walther LG


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Product information: “MESHPRO Grip for Walther LG”

Experience precision, style, and comfort like never before with the innovative grips, cheek pieces, and handrests from MESHPRO for air rifles, small-bore rifles and grips for air pistols. Our 3D-printed shooting sports equipment with the revolutionary MESH design sets new standards in shooting sports and is already being used by amateur shooters as well as World Cup and Olympic champions.

Due to our revolutionary mesh structure, the MESHPRO Grip is not only a visual eye-catcher, but it also offers numerous other advantages over conventional grips. Due to the grid structure (mesh) produced in the additive manufacturing process, material and thus weight is saved. In addition to maximum stability, this mesh structure also ensures permanent ventilation of the grips.

Our equipment offers the perfect balance between robustness and light weight, for a comfortable and long-lasting shooting experience.


“The first grip I’ve ever tried that I didn’t have to adjust, shave, or modify. 5 stars.”

Ginny Thrasher
Olympic Gold Medalist🥇



L, M, S

Trigger Hand

Left, Right






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