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Among all the high caliber pistols used in competitive shooting, the Pardini GT is in a place of its own for its particular birth; because in all the other cases we are faced with firearms initially conceived for self-defense or for service use that were consequently adapted for target shooting, dynamic shooting or for informal use in the shooting ranges.

Conversely, Pardini’s pistol, initially developed as a series of PC models (1993) which over time developed until becoming the current family of GT models in the year 2000, was expressively conceived for practical shooting. This origin has had a profound influence on its design and development: it is obvious, for example, that concealment is not a very important feature and has been disregarded.
The evolution of competition sport in Pardini’s planning has allowed, for the first time in this field, the development of a specific technology, able to magnify and sophisticate the characteristics of these firearms, making them highly specialized tools.

All the pistols in this series can be used “ out of the box” without any need for further customizing or any particular improvements. Its set-up, its compact structure, its prominent mechanism, its adjustable let-off and its easy use make this a product able to guarantee exceptional performances.
The family of Pardini pistols used in dynamic shooting includes the following models: “GT9”, “GT 9-1”, and “PC9S” ( cal.9) “ GT40”, and PC 40S ( cal 40 S&W), “GT45” GT45-II and GT45S (cal.45 ACP). With the introduction of the “GT45” model we also have the arrival of conversions in cal 9 and cal 40 with 5 and 6 inch barrels, together with matching slides and bolts.

GT5 is a semiautomatic pistol, geometric short barrel recoil locking system. The magazine is prismatic and with ambidextrous unhooked button. The single action and the totally adjustable trigger mechanism, together with the compensator suitable with any commercial ammunitions, guarantees a flawless operation. The rear sight is totally adjustable, and the frame is manufactured with a particularly light alloy and a special steel. Finishing: all the steel parts have been burnished and chromium plated, all the parts in alloy have had a particularly oxidation treatment. Scope mount available. Walnut grip. The “evolution” series of pistols, thanks to its pedigree of build quality conforms to highest competition firearm standards of materials and workmanship. The particular slant (angle) of the handgrip for a clean and easy shot with perfect recoil control, coupled with the adjustable trigger mechanism and sighting system inherent in all GT series, ensures absolute precision.

Suitable for “Standard” category competitions.

Caliber 9 mm .45 ACP
Magazine 17 (10) rounds 13 (10) rounds
Weight 1.145g 1.095g
Sight radius 201 mm 204 mm
Total length 250 mm 250 mm
Operating system geometrical / short recoil geometrical / short recoil
Action type single action single action
Safety trigger safety trigger safety
Barrel length 152.5 mm 152.5 mm
Total width 44 mm 44 mm
Total height 135 mm 135 mm


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Pardini Armi Driven by his passion for shooting and mechanics, Giampiero Pardini went from being a competition shooter to a sports weapons manufacturer in just a few years. From 1976, he has been presenting and updating a complete range of target pistols and air rifles. With these weapons, he obtained huge international success in continental and world championships and even at the Olympic Games. Pardini Armi is always by the side of shooters. As a small-sized company, it provides innovative and competitive products, thanks to its specialised and flexible production and efficient after-sales service. Today, Pardini Armi exports its state-of-the-art products to over 100 countries.

9mm Black, 9mm Silver or Dual Tone, .45 Black, .45 Silver or Dual Tone

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