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3D-printed Rifle Grip


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Product information: “3D-printed Rifle Grip”


3D-printed Rifle Grip from 3D Shooting Box for the most common ISSF air rifles can be done in any of available colors. Get your stock grip from a company founded by Rio 2016 Olympics medalist whose custom-made grips were part of winning GOLD medal in pistol and SILVER medal in rifle at Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

This product was the first one created by 3D Shooting Box and it is currently the most popular product being offered. They have found the optimal solution for those athletes who wants to make their training more comfortable, of higher-quality and economical

When would you even need a 3D-printed grip:

  • you are planning to move from one weapon to another
  • you do not like the size of shape of your current grip
  • you want to adjust the weight of the grip
  • you have a need for individually/custom shaped grip (custom grip services will be added later, currently offering only stock grips)
  • you want to try something new
  • you are left-handed and current grip is right-handed
  • you like to color-coordinate your suit, visor, shoelaces and your weapon (sources familiar with the matter told us that pretty weapons get more 10.9s!)


  • (3DSB_col1) – BLACK
  • (3DSB_col2) – DARK GREY
  • (3DSB_col3) – SILVER METALIC
  • (3DSB_col4) – LIGHT GREY
  • (3DSB_col6) – WHITE
  • (3DSB_col7) – BLUE
  • (3DSB_col8) – RED
  • (3DSB_col9) – GOLD METALIC
  • (3DSB_col10) – SKY BLUE
  • (3DSB_col11) – CORAL
  • (3DSB_col12) – DEEP OCEAN BLUE
  • (3DSB_col13) – DARK VIOLET
  • (3DSB_col14) – LILAC
  • (3DSB_col15) – EMERALD

Additions customization service:

For a small additional fee you can get you stock grip ported from one make of a gun to another! (subject of grip compatibility)

Example1: I want a medium Walther LG400 in LILAC color for my FWB 800X

or even…

Example2: I want a grip just like the one that boy has but it needs to be a little bit smaller and a little bit lighter. I do however have Walther and he has Steyr… and by the way – it should be RED!!!


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